Best Beer or Best Selection of Beer?

One good place to sit down and sip on suds is Burgers and Brew. It’s in midtown Sacramento on R street between 14th & 15th. It opened during the first wave of the R street district renovation project. They have a huge selection of beer. Some say they have the best beer in town. I am sure that others will debate it. But, they do have the best selection of beer in town (well, UoB is fierce competition).

This is a good place to come to satisfy those late night munchies if you’re in midtown (or downtown for that matter). Sunday thru Wed. they close at 12AM but Thurs. thru Sat, they close at 3AM!. They stay open for the club rush.

You’ll find that you will always have an excellent service experience here. Even though it may be packed and the wait staff working their butts off, but it never seems to get out of hand. Those folks are saints and do their best to accommodate everyone it seems.

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Breakfast Midtown Sacramento


Sacramento has a plethora of good places and good eats for breakfast. A lot of the time it depends on what you’re craving and logistics. On a weekday, getting to the other side of midtown can take a minute in the trending sense of the word. And, if it’s on a weekend after 9am, well, … fuhgettaboutit. Or, just be prepared to wait.

There are a couple of places that I can mention briefly before I get into what I do for a quick and convenient breakfast while still in my shorts.

Good Breakfasts In Midtown Sacramento

If you’re in search of breakfast midtown Sacramento, then you have a couple of good choices. 1) Fox and Goose. This is an English style pub and restaurant. But, has an excellent breakfast and generally a long wait. 2) Cafe Bernardo. Excellent choice with many non-traditional selections. I like the breakfast burrito, myself.

There’s a new hot spot in the Tahoe Park area. It’s called Bacon and Butter. They serve a traditional menu, but, I hear they are excellent and it seems that the word is out because there’s always a line when I pass by.

But, I don’t always have the time to get out and sit down at breakfast. A lot of you probably know what I’m talking about. So, I put on a pot of coffee and have a bite in the kitchen. If you’re still reading then you must be interested in my own concoction for a savory breakfast sandwich.

So, I will tell you how you can make my eggcellent breakfast sandwich, that is if you’re a breakfast sandwich fanatic like me. I don’t get to go out and get breakfast as much as I’d like. Have to work a day job, you know? But I do like a good sandwich for breakfast. Not the typical muffin type of sandwich, but a real honest to goodness meal between two slices of bread.

There are some good restaurants in the Sacto area that make good sandwiches but I am going to show you what I do at home. This way I make sure that its just right.

Now, quick breakfasts tend to focus on carbs and they tend to be too sweet for me. I’m not a diabetic, but, for some reason, I just don’t tolerate a lot of sweets. So, I like savory versus sweet breakfasts (my only exception being a stack of buttermilk pancakes – my downfall).

Making A Breakfast Sandwich

So, let’s start with a good ol’ iron skillet. I try to use cast iron as much as I can because that way I am getting some iron into my body without having to take a supplement. You’re going to need a handful of spinach, ¼ yellow onion thinly sliced, olive oil, a slice of your favorite cheese and half an avocado. For seasoning, I use coarse salt, black peppercorns, and green tabasco sauce.

I like to use a liberal amount of olive oil to saute my onions on low heat of course. I don’t want them to taste burned. But, I also want them to be as tender as possible. Once they have sauteed about 3 min, possibly up to 5 depending on how big your burner is, then add the spinach and let it wilt in the skillet. Keep it stirring. Don’t let that burn either.

After that, you’ll want to add your eggs. I am not into all that egg white only stuff. But some people are. I only use 2 eggs because I don’t want my eggs to over power my bread. The liberal amount of olive oil that I used to saute the veggies is enough to scramble the eggs also.

When the eggs are done I make sure that they are formed into a little patty and I douse them with the Tabasco and top with a slice of cheese. I turn off the flame and cover with a sauce pan lid and allow the cheese to melt.

Meanwhile, the sourdough bread is toasting which I do not let brown too much. I do want the bread slightly dry but not completely toasted. I liberally spread with butter as I don’t use margarine. And I sprinkle more Tabasco onto the bottom slice of bread to hit the portion of the eggs that facedown on the pan. And smear a thin layer of smashed avocado on each slice of bread.

And there you have it, a completed masterpiece of a savory breakfast sandwich that should hold you for a while.

Sacramento Toy Show 2015

Sacramento’s Geekery

Whether you’re aware of it or not, Sacramento is teeming with geeks of all shapes, sizes, colors, hues, and even species!
I am talking about “those people” (maybe even your neighbor) who have reveled in the mainstreaming of science fantasy and fiction. Those who have refused to grow up and enjoy (secretly or openly) immersing themselves and as many as they can persuade, in the fictional world of comic books and fantasy movies.

Sacramento’s Toy Show (comic con) is made especially for them. This show is a chance for all those 20-90 somethings get together under the premise of “getting out of the house” to really get together and feed on the energy and enthusiasm that comes with sharing stories and imaginings with like minded folk. The kind of thing that may get weird stares from co-workers or patrons at the local coffee shop if they were shared aloud.

So, when can we expect this “gathering” to take place? How long do we have to wait until our anticipations are realized?

Well, unfortunately, at this point, it seems an eternity away. For it is only early summer and the planned date of the Sacramento Toy Show (comic con) isn’t until 25 October (yep, just in time for Halloween!- One more reason to put on that cape and not look too out of place!) at the McClellan Conference Center.